Sunday, April 2, 2017

How to Apply to Graduate School anywhere

In general graduate schools look for qualified young people to join their programs.  Here is what you do
1. Identify up to three to five universities  you wish to join.  Remember not all schools are the same.  Some schools provide good financial support,  some don't.  Some are considered excellent schools some are considered average schools.  Choose the school you want.
2.  Finding the schools is very easy.  Simply search them on the web.  For example you want to do "PhD in Chemistry",  use this as key for your search.  Every university that provides with PhD in Chemistry will come in the search.  Now  remember  the end of the URL  tells you the country where this program is located.   Here is an example
 dot edu  (.edu)= USA
dot.CA (.CA) = Canada
dot.EU (.eu)=  Europe
dot UK  (.uk)= United kingdom

3. Once you identify the schools,  then go through their websites and to find out the graduate application process , and the requirements,  as well as the financial aid package.   Everything is clearly indicated

4.  Now begin preparing.   Everything depends on the university,  each has its own requirements.   For example  for US universities TOFEL and GRE are requirements.   In their websites they indicate the minimum scores they need.   You can begin applying while you are preparing for the TOFEL and GRE exams.  In your application you can indicate when the results will come.

5. In general you need  a) Student Official Transcript  b)TOFEL and GRE results c) Three letters of recommendations  d) must fill the online application form and submit  e) must pay the application fee

6.  Regarding financing: make sure to fill out anything that has to do with finance.   If you don't have anything you can simply fill $0.    You can also indicate how much you can bring.   Remember your application will not be denied because you dont have finance.  The most important is to be academically qualified.
7. Once your application is in process,  you must contact the department chair or the graduate coordinator or any professor who you wish to work with,   tell them that your application is submitted, and you have financial needs (tuition and living expenses etc),  and that you need help.
If you are academically qualified,  you will be recommended for financial support.
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